Membership to a Professional Organisation such as CCAA is an important part of the growth of the counselling profession within the community. CCAA offers members the opportunity to be part of a vital and growing organisation which is committed to counselling, and underpinned by faith in Jesus Christ. CCAA offers members the opportunity to grow in faith whilst developing their counselling skills through Professional Development and Supervision. It is necessary that Supervision is received from qualified Supervisors. CCAA offers a number of benefits to members which are further explained throughout the website.

Registered membership with CCAA also gives members access to the PACFA National Register (Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia) as well as listing on ARCAP (Australian Register of Counsellors and Psychotherapists). These groups work to develop regulation as well as recognition to government and the wider community. Significant lobbying and negotiating have been a major focus by PACFA in recent times.  

If you do not have the qualifications and/or experience to qualify as a Clinical, Graduate or Provsional Member, or Diploma Counsellor, you can be aligned with CCAA by joining as an Associate, or if still studying, as a Student Associate.

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