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Greetings to Psychotherapists and Counsellors Australia-wide!

John Andersen webMeet John Andersen, the new President of CCAA as of September 2016.  
        What is distinctive about the Christian Counsellors Association of Australia is our commitment to not be merely counsellors who happen to be Christian but counselling professionals whose work is informed by our personal faith in Jesus Christ and the Christian values that go with that. While out members have a wide range of perspectives, theological viewpoints and values, which reflect the diversity of theological and faith traditions that contribute to the richness of the Church as a faith community, the Association provides a place where we can dialogue and reflect together on the questions of how does our faith work out with respect to our professional work. We are committed to encouraging Association members to joins us in this ongoing process of reflection, which is what integration of faith and professional practice is all about. Out of our desire to honour Jesus Christ in all that we do, we are also committed to encouraging our members to pursue excellence with respect to their professional practice. This commitment is reflected in our three core values: Professionalism in counselling, Valuing in relationships, Integrity In Character. We promote these values through providing ongoing professional development, provision of supervision, and developing a culture that reflects these values.

       It is our intention that members of our association will have a reputation for professional excellence alongside of an openness to provide a counselling space where reflection upon faith, our spirituality as a source or resilience, and where does God comes into the picture, is a welcome part of the counselling process. This openness does not amount to an agenda, but an option. We are committed to accepting and providing a safe space for our clients, validating their experiences, and walking with them in their journeys for as long as our paths intersect, with the intention of making a positive contribution to their lives.


  • We are a nationwide federation of State based CCAAs who join together to promote and maintain professional standards of quality counselling across Australia.
  • Conforms to the standards of training and supervised experience and ethical standards required by PACFA.
  • Also requires theological training or equivalent to enable the counsellor to address spiritual and faith issues as part of the counselling process.
  • Continued professional development through meetings and conferences, and by continuing supervision. Accepts counsellors of many modalities (e.g. psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioural), and client groups (individual, marriage, family).
  • Members work in a variety of organisations (religious and secular) and in private practice.
  • Meet the Team
      John Andersen web rob  


    John Andersen
    National President
    National Ethics Chair
    PACFA Representative
    Victorian Treasurer

    Rob Salmon
    National V.President
    National Treasurer
    National Website Manager
    South Australian President

    Vanessa Bendikov web Vicky Hamey web philhenry suejohnston
    Vanessa Bendikov
    PACFA Representative
    South Australian V.President
    Vicky Hamey
    National Promotions Chair
    New South Wales President
    Phil Henry
    Committee Member
    Queensland President
    Sue Johnston
    National Journal Chair
    Western Australian President
    Robyn Phillips Robyn Tuft web Val Steele WEB
    Robyn Phillips
    Committee Member
    Western Australian  V.President
    Robyn Tuft
    National Governance Chair
    Tasmanian Membership Chair
    Rae Turner
    National Membership Chair
    Queensland V.President
    Val Steele
    Committee Member
    New South Wales V. President
      Bill Van Schie2 web  
      Bill Van Schie
    Faith & Spirituality Practice Chair
    Victorian President
    Julie Weeks
    National Secretary
    Tasmanian President

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