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Presidents Letter WA

Presidents Letter

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Spring is here - Praise God.  We have experienced quite a cold winter but the warmer days are thawing us out - which is a great sign of new birth, new beginnings and continuing on our journey as counsellors.

We welcome our newest members to CCAA who have joined us over the last few months.  It is wonderful to see the increase in membership - and we give all glory to God. 

Just to update everyone on what’s been happening:

We had our AGM early August 2015 - where we voted in a new member onto our Committee - Hansi Yasaratna - who is taking on the role of Secretary.  Leelee has now stepped down from that role, but will play a pivotal role of support to the Committee.  Our committee now consists of Sue Johnston (President/Membership Chair), Dr Genevieve Milnes (Vice President/Membership Accreditation/Ethics), Keren Masters (Professional Development), Karen Johnson (Website), Valerie Morton (Membership Accreditation/Administration), Naomi Wheeler (Treasurer), and Leelee Crow (Committee member - P.D. subcommittee).  We would like to encourage more members to come on board who may have gifting’s’ in public relations or similar - who could fill a Publicity Chair role.

We farewelled Karen Kemp and Janine Luzi who both stepped down for personal and study reasons.  We will miss them greatly.  We wish them well for their future.

During  our AGM, we had Eva Bruins and her husband facilitate the Peacewise presentation which was very interesting - and has whet our appetite in looking at attending their next training on conflict mediation from a Christian viewpoint.

Just recently, we held our Professional Development day with John Andersen who spoke on the issues surrounding homosexuality from a biblical perspective.  This was an extremely interesting P.D. which evoked many discussions and reflections during the workshop.   It was unfortunate that AIFC students could not attend due to their own study expectation.  However, we have recorded this event - and hopefully the workshop will be available on DVD in October.  You will receive an email when this will be available to purchase.

On Saturday 28 November, we are having a guest speaker Monika Knausenberger who is currently working as a psychologist in Kununurra.  She is going to present on the work she is doing with the Aboriginal people in the far North of Australia.  This will be a very informative workshop - and we are so grateful that Monika is coming to Perth.  Please let your colleagues know of this upcoming workshop.

We value your feedback/suggestions etc - as we recognise that CCAA is your Association.  If there is a P.D. that you would like to see offered by CCAA, please do not hesitate to contact any one of us on the committee if you have any suggestions, questions or queries.

Many blessings to you in Christ

Sue Johnston

WA President




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