Body-based self-care, resilience & vicarious trauma training

TRE is a paradigm-changing approach to occupational stress prevention and vicarious-trauma resilience training.

Using simple muscle fatigue and without having to recall or talk about past events, TRE invokes the human body's natural 'neurogenic tremor reflex' in a safe and controlled way to physically release stress and tension, down-regulate the nervous system and reconnect our mind and our body after stressful and traumatic events.

Commonly misunderstood and pathologised as a 'symptom' of stress, shock anxiety & PTSD, TRE reframes spontaneous 'autonomic' movements (including shakes, tremors, trembles, rhythmical rockings & spontaneous stretches) as an innate recovery reflex that naturally restores our body and mind to a more safe, relaxed and balanced state.

Easily performed alone or in groups, (simply lying on the floor or in bed at night) TRE provides a simple and efficient early-intervention technique for use after critial incidents or during acute stress as well as an empowering self-care process to 'debrief the body' in as little as 10 minutes on an ongoing and regular basis.

Ongoing use of TRE not only helps reduce stress and vicarious trauma, it also helps improve sleep and reduce the likelihood of injury, as well as building self-regulation, 'neurophysiological resilience' and coping capacity in the autonomic nervous system.

TRE is an innovation in body-based self-care that is empowering people, parents, kids, staff, groups and organisations all around the world to take control of their health and wellbeing using this simple but profound natural process.

For more information go to: or email or phone 0409 357 964

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