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2018 Professional Development

 be still"Be still” – This is such a difficult thing to do, but one which holds such benefits for everyone, especially those of us who are therapists. 
We cannot be mindful without first being still.
We cannot meditate without first being still.
And yet in a world which invades and intrudes into every part of our lives, demanding that we pay attention, listen, be informed, be capable and effective, stillness is an elusive and longed for commodity.
Why is being still so important, perhaps more important than ever, for the therapist, and yet it is elusive and frequently only fleetingly enjoyed before it eludes us again?
How does it promote health and wellbeing, and also challenge and confront us?
Through this Professional Development evening, Joy will bring her wisdom and experience to know how we can be more effective in our professional lives through being still.  A tool we can also bring to our clients. 

Event date 09-04-2018 7:00 pm
Event End Date 09-04-2018 9:00 pm
Cut off date 07-04-2018 12:00 am
Capacity 60
Registered 13
Available place 47
Individual Price $35.00
Location Tabor College


 using the Focusing Therapeutic model.

Research is showing us that being mindful helps us enjoy every little moment of life as it happens, which has a really positive impact on our mental and physical health.

Using the Focusing model, we will embody our inner responses by allowing the peace and quiet to envelop and lead us to listen to the still small voice within, helping us to grow futher in our use of it in our therapeutic journey of integrating your spirituality with how we work with our clients.

We will revisit and refresh what we know about how mindfulness:

  • clears our head and slow down our thoughts 
  • being more aware of yourself, your body and the environment 
  • slow down your nervous system and relaxing
  • coping with stress, depression and anxiety
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Event date 16-06-2018 9:00 am
Event End Date 17-06-2018 3:00 pm
Cut off date 08-06-2018 12:00 am
Capacity 20
Registered 3
Available place 17
Individual Price $450.00
Location LifeWell South Wellness Centre

Youre invited for AGM

to attend the AGM of CCAA(SA) at St Marys Adelaide


Event date 06-08-2018 6:00 pm
Event End Date 06-08-2018 9:00 pm
Cut off date 28-07-2018 12:00 am
Capacity 50
Available place 50
Individual Price $35.00

This interactive presentation will help to give current students or recently graduate students information on the following:

  • Options for their counselling degree
  • How to set up a private practice
  • Professionalism and the place of Associations:
    • CCAA  - Christian Counsellors Association of Australia
    • PACFA - Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia
    • ARCAP - Australian Register of Counsellors and Psychotherapists
  • The place of Supervision and Professional Development

Please refer to 'Details' page for information on payment, place etc.

Event date 17-09-2018 7:00 pm
Event End Date 17-09-2018 9:00 pm
Cut off date 14-09-2018 12:00 am
Capacity 50
Registered 0
Available place 50
Individual Price $20.00

Details will be available by August.

Event date 07-10-2018 7:00 pm
Event End Date 07-10-2018 9:00 pm
Cut off date 05-10-2018 12:00 am
Capacity 60
Available place 60
Individual Price $35.00
Location Tabor College
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