Enhancing young people’s time in therapy

Enhancing young people’s time in therapy

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Caitlyn Schulz BA AppSocSciCouns; Intro to Family Therapy and System Practice; Cert 4 in Outdoor Education and Recreation
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Tabor College, 181 Goodwood Rd, Millswood SA, Australia   View map

Enhancing young people’s time in therapy, getting the most out of counselling for young people

This is an in person and online event – 2 hours of professional development (category A)

*This event will be recorded.


As a counsellor, I used to think that everyone wanted to work with young people. After all, who wouldn’t want to help shape the minds and lives of the next generation? But, as I’ve learned, it’s not quite that simple. Many people are unsure about working with adolescents, and it’s easy to see why. Young people can be challenging to work with, and it often requires a somewhat unique approach.


That’s why I’m excited to share my experiences on how to enhance young people’s time in therapy and get the most out of your counselling sessions with them.

Together, we’ll explore the challenges and rewards of working with adolescents, try our hand at some playful therapeutic approaches, and be reminded of what matters the most to our young clients. You should leave this PD with some practical tips to help you create positive outcomes with your young clients. We are working together to build a brighter future for our clients – one conversation at a time!



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Enhancing young people’s time in therapy


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