“Law and Relationship Breakups”

“Law and Relationship Breakups”

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17/10/2019 7:30 pm
17/10/2019 9:00 pm
Christian Heritage College, Wecker Road, Carindale QLD, Australia   View map

Parenting arrangements after separation can be an emotional minefield and that is before the Family Law Act is considered. Any counsellor who works with separated clients will know that parenting arrangements under the Family Law Act are not straight forward nor easy to understand and that’s not to mention the regular reviews of the law that are made. This seminar will explain the law in terms you can understand and provide practical answers for those professionals working at the coalface of relationship breakdowns.

A practical and plain English presentation that will truly help you help your client.

Topics covered will include mediation, parenting, family reports, domestic violence, confidentiality and more.

“Law and Relationship Breakups”


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