Shame and the Restoration of Personal Dignity

Shame and the Restoration of Personal Dignity

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Dr. John Andersen BA, MA, MSc, MTh, PhD
11:00 am - 2:30 pm
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This is an online event – 3 hours of professional development (category A)

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Shame is a contributing factor to many psychological and relationship problems, yet it is largely unrecognized and not directly addressed in most therapeutic approaches. Based on over 10 years of research and practice, this workshop presents a unique theoretical and clinical approach to addressing shame in counselling and helping clients discover their worth and reclaim their self-respect. The theory conceptualizes shame as a family of phenomena with four dimensions. The first two (anticipatory shame and disgrace) are explored from a cultural anthropological perspective; the second two (acute shame and chronic shame) from a psychological perspective. The workshop concludes with practical interventions based on this model that help clients rediscover their self-worth and reclaim a sense of dignity through an emotion-focused approach that majors on reframing the meaning of shame-based emotional distress.


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Shame and the Restoration of Personal Dignity


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