Supporting sexual wellness for Christian clients

Supporting sexual wellness for Christian clients

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Monica Cook MScMed(SRH) GDipScCommun PHb(SC) (Hons)
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Supporting sexual wellness for Christian clients – A case study

This is an online event only – 2 hours of professional development (category A)
  • An essential part of wholistically caring for a client’s wellbeing includes addressing any sexual challenges they may be facing. Issues may manifest physically, psychologically or relationally leading to chronic pain, depression, anxiety, shame and often helplessness in not knowing how to take the next step. This is especially pertinent for Christian clients that may have grown up with sex-negative teachings and confusion around how to hold their faith and sexuality together with a sense of integrity.
  • During this session a case-study will be presented that explores common themes that frequently arise when working with Christian couples including desire differences, struggles with communication and pain. Various interventions (that are supported biblically) will be discussed as well as a general understanding of what sexologists do and when it’s important to refer on.
  • The objective for this session is to equip counsellors with the skills and confidence to open up helpful dialogue in this space with both an understanding of the common issues that can arise as well as when additional support may be required.

*** Due to the sensitive content of this workshop the event will not be recorded. ***


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Supporting sexual wellness for Christian clients


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