Meredith Wagstaff

CCAA Clinical Member
CCAA No. 200621

BA. LLM; M. Counselling

I am a Masters degree qualified Counsellor with Clinical level membership of both Christian Counsellors Association of Australia (CCAA) and Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA).   

I work with adults and couples and use contemporary evidence based approaches including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Gottman principles and trauma informed approaches to help clients cope more effectively with life's many challenges in practical and meaningful ways. 

Issues targeted in counselling are broad but can include:

  • stress and burnout

  • anxiety 

  • depression

  • impact of past trauma

  • difficult emotions and thoughts

  • transitions including parenting, work entry and retirement, divorce and separation 

  • grief and loss

  • procrastination and time management

  • relationship issues including conflict and unhelpful ways of relating, family and friendship issues, loneliness, boundaries and communication

  • undesired patterns of behaviour

  • mindfulness including nature based interventions such of forest therapy or Shinrin-yoku or forest bathing

  • Christian issues including dealing with past hurts and disappointments or using the power of that worldview to explore and deal with life's challenges.



Counsellor, Psychotherapist
Addictions, Anger Management, Anxiety, Childhood Abuse, Depression, Emotional & Physical Abuse, Emotional Crisis, Grief, Loss, Trauma, Healthy Boundaries, Life Transitions, Relationships, Self Esteem, Sexual Issues, Stress Management
Affairs, Trust Issues, Emotional Crisis, Family Conflict, Pre-Marriage
Female Counsellor
Other Categories
Bupa/Medibank private, Online
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