Vanessa Blazey

CCAA Provisional Member
CCAA No. 300169

Master of Community Counselling (2021). B.A in Counselling (2019). Membership: MCCAA (Prov) | PACFA Reg. Provisional

Vanessa is a Family Practitioner in the NFP sector. She is passionate about:

·         Families from all backgrounds being able to access counselling services which are inclusive and respectful,

·         Promoting the natural strengths and advocating for the rights of each member of the family, 

·         Treating the “whole person” and to do so working closely with the systems in which a family interacts with, including their larger social community with the aim of continuity, assessing treatment goals and effective outcomes,

·         Strengthening the family unit and

·         Providing a dynamic, hands-on, informative approach tailored for every family’s unique needs to ensure a). realistic expectations of the family are set, b). skills are developed to manage unwanted behaviours and c). in time become their families “therapist.”

Phone: 0458 548 165


Adolescents, Children, Parenting
Female Counsellor
Other Categories
NDIS, Online
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