Gavin Macmillan

CCAA Adv. Diploma Member
CCAA No. 300651

(Estrada) Dip. Couns; Dip. Christian Couns; Adv Dip; (AIFC) (Chisholm) Cert 3, (Holmesglen) cert 4) I have an AQF level 6 qualification.

  1. Gavin Macmillan, a dedicated counsellor, and the founder of The Hearing Heart Counselling Service, brings a compassionate and heart-centered approach to healing and guidance. With a profound belief in the power of faith- based counselling, Gavin has spent years serving individuals on their unique journeys. His professional qualifications and vast experience in Christian counselling have equipped him to address a diverse range of emotional and spiritual challenges. Gavin's counselling philosophy emphasizes active listening, empathy, and genuine understanding, creating a safe space for clients to express themselves authentically. With a commitment to ethical practices and a holistic approach, Gavin embraces each client's individuality and seeks to empower them on their path to emotional well-being. At The Hearing Heart, Gavin continues to transform lives, offering compassionate support and spiritual guidance to those in need.


Anxiety, Depression, Emotional Crisis, Grief, Loss, Trauma, Healthy Boundaries, Life Transitions, Relationships, Self Esteem, Stress Management
Affairs, Trust Issues, Emotional Crisis, Family Conflict, Pre-Marriage, Separation Issues, Mediation
Adolescents, Communication, Conflict, Mediation
Male Counsellor
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