Anna Oxenberry

CCAA Clinical Member
CCAA No. 500131

B Soc Sc (Couns); Certified Daring Way� Facilitator (Bren� Brown's work)

JOURNEEZ... "transforming stress and burnout into wholehearted living". Counselling and personal development for women feeling stressed and burnt out.
With over 15 years experience working with people and 7 years in Christian ministry, I suffered compassion fatigue/burnout. At this point I discovered that there is more to life than constantly going, going, going and giving into the pressures of life, feeling like I had no power or control over my own life. Through my own personal counselling journey and the work of Dr Bren� Brown, I discovered who I truly am and gained the confidence to share that person with the world.
I now find it a privilege to help individuals and groups to be more authentic and courageous in their life. Using Self-Care concepts and the research of Bren� Brown (search for her in YouTube to find out more about her and her work) I'm choosing courage, vulnerability and living life to the fullest.
My hope for clients is that they would be able to experience 'new life', in whatever way it means for them. I journey with my clients to achieve whatever positive goals they're aiming for and simply getting alongside them in the messy and beautiful process.
My interest areas are working around issues of burnout, stress, self-worth, boundaries, anxiety, life transitions, vulnerability, shame, courage and authenticity.


Anxiety, Grief, Loss, Trauma, Healthy Boundaries, Life Transitions, Relationships, Self Esteem, Stress Management
Female Counsellor
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