Maria Naranjo Mendoza

CCAA Graduate Member
CCAA No. 501459

Master of Counselling Practice

Life’s journey can be challenging and seeking support is a courageous step toward personal growth and inner healing. At Calma Counselling you will find a safe, nurturing, and compassionate space where you can explore your thoughts, feelings, and concerns. Whether you are navigating a difficult life transition, facing a loss, having relationship challenges, or are simply seeking personal growth and direction, I am committed to walk with you with empathy and care.

Through a person-centred approach, I meet you where you are, providing the tools and resources for your individual needs. I foster a therapeutic relationship built on trust, collaboration, and understanding.

If you have any questions, please reach out. I look forward to the opportunity to support you on your healing journey.


Anxiety, Depression, Grief, Loss, Trauma, Life Transitions, Relationships
Affairs, Trust Issues, Emotional Crisis, Family Conflict, Separation Issues, Mediation
Adolescents, Children, Parenting
Female Counsellor
Other Categories
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