Gaston Antezana

CCAA Clinical / Supervisor
CCAA No. 600482

PhD - Flinders University BPsych (hons) Supervision PACFA Reg Clinical

Gaston is a counsellor with over 20 years of experience helping individuals, couples and families. He also has teaching experience in the fields of psychology, counselling and education. He has worked as a clinician in Australia and overseas in different settings including universities, agencies and private practice.

Gaston was trained as a Psychologist in South America with a specific focus on CBT, he is also knowledgeable in Person Centred Psychotherapy. In Australia he is registered as a clinical member with the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA) and the Christian Counsellor Association of Australia (CCAA).

Besides clinical practice Gaston works at Murdoch University as the Discipline Lead for the Master of Counselling and the Master of creative Arts Therapies. He also is the Dirctor and clinical supervisor of Caladenia Counselling, a service attached to the Masters of Counselling that serves clients from the general public.


  • PhD  – Mental Health, wellbeing and technology
  • Bachelor in Psychology (Hons)
  • Clinical Supervision training
  • Diploma in Community-Services (financial counselling)
  • Masters in Business Administration and Human Resources Management

Services Provided

Gaston provides support for young people, individuals and couples in different areas, including: anxiety, depression, grief, relationships, stress management and others. He also has extensive experience in treating problem gambling and it’s effects, supporting gamblers and their families to recover with evidence based strategies.

Gaston is also a registered Christian Counsellor and can offer counselling and guidance on spiritual issues. Additionally, Gaston has also completed specific training in professional supervision for counselling professionals. Gaston can provide counselling in Spanish.


Counsellor, Supervisor
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