Counsellor Toolbox

ToolboxWelcome to our new Counsellor's Toolbox. It contains quick tips and handy hints for addressing common problems, for example, what to do when a client has a pattern of cancelling appointments, how to manage client resistance, and much more useful information. Consider contributing your ideas to this pool of collective wisdom by emailing toolbox editor I look forward to hearing from you.  

ToolboxCancellations of Appointments:  Do you have on your Intake Form what the consequence of cancelled appointment?  Under 24 hours notice - 50% fee charged?  How can you motivate clients to be responsible?  

ToolboxEngaging a new client: Begin to build rapport with a new client from the first contact. If the approach is made by phone, warm and friendly vocal tones and a relaxed pace of delivery will signal confidence and safety to the potential client. Vocal hesitations or a clipped or businesslike tone may be off putting.

ToolboxQuick note taking methods: Whiteboard each session goal/s, key questions or learnings, client agendas and working diagrams. When the session ends the whiteboard captures the essence of what has been communicated or worked on. Remember to take more detailed notes in early sessions and periodically as a summary of progress. Placing a thought-provoking question on the whiteboard can promote client thinking and discussion at the start of the session.  You may even choose to capture the image on tablet.

ToolboxResistance:  When you encounter resistance in a client-get curious, ask questions. A gentle and respectful inquiry helps your client to understand and move past the resistance.

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