Excellence in Counselling,
Faith in Practice.

Who We Are

The Christian Counsellors Association (CCAA) exists to further the reputation and professional development of Australian counsellors who practice within a framework of Christian values. We provide a valuable resource for members of the public to connect with counsellors in their area who can provide professional counselling services whilst upholding and reflecting the cornerstones of our spirituality.


CCAA offers individual counsellors the opportunity to join our organisation under various membership categories which recognise the diversity of their study, skills and experience whilst encouraging and facilitating ongoing professional development and training. We provide access to a broad network of CCAA Accredited Supervisors who can oversee member counsellors’ client contact hours and assist them to constantly build their skills and self-awareness.

Member Support
and Resources

As a Constituent Member of the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA), we act as an advocate for the counselling profession as a whole and ensure all our members are kept up to date on key industry developments relating to government bodies, health funds, counselling techniques and theological training.