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‘Counselling Connections Across Australia’ is CCAA’s national, annual journal, of which all CCAA Members receive a free copy. Through our journal, CCAA seeks to promote the responsible integration of faith into counselling practice and to encourage and promote excellence in counselling and psychotherapy.

The goals of Counselling Connections Across Australia include:

  • To publicise and promote CCAA to the professional counselling community.

  • To develop the practice and understanding of counselling and psychotherapy through research and reflection on theory and clinical experience.

  • To provide an avenue for appropriate written expression to the Christian counselling fraternity.

  • To express the values, vision and mission of CCAA.

Theme for 2022:

The theme for the 2022 Journal is “Faith versus Futility”.

We invite the submission of articles on this topic in general – from a biblical or clinical counselling perspective. All journal submissions should be submitted via email to:

  • Journal Editorial Committee Chair:  Mr Ian Parkin
  • Editors: Lyndy Burt, Maureen Ireland, Dominie Nelson, Ian Parkin

Contributors should provide their name/s, postal and email address and a short paragraph on your professional interests, qualifications, professional memberships and counselling experience and a passport-sized digital coloured photo of high resolution with the submission.

Standards of Publication:

Articles are to be between 1000–2500 words and reflect a scholarly approach to the subject matter. Contributors may write in an academic manner as well as narratives describing personal clinical experience that captures the essence of counselling. (Examples of previous journal articles can be found under the PD/Resources tab at www. Good articles contain:

  • Research results and appropriate literature
  • Substantiation of key points in a logical presentation
  • Inclusion of interesting and relevant case studies (wherever possible) making sure that appropriate privacy and ethics approval are observed
  • Properly referenced with a bibliography using APA style.
  • Refer to below for more details on the types of articles.
Date Due:

The deadline for submissions for the 2022 journal is 7th August 2022.

Please note that all articles are subject to editing processes and approval before printing.

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  • The articles in this year’s journal explore the hidden anxiety many may feel about topics such as grief and loss and death and dying. These existential meaning making questions may sometimes be overlooked or ignored by clients and even therapists, we trust as you explore these they will help you in your work and in your own life.
  • Please find below the articles in this Journal with the Preamble.


  • Grace – an important aspect of the Christian Counsellor.
    • God forms us into a
    • Relationship with him and with each other. Through our
    • Attachment needs being met we learn to
    • Counsel with, it is hoped, greater
    • Empathy and understanding
  • Please find below the articles in this Journal with the Preamble.
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Submitting an Article for Publication

CCAA welcomes qualified readers to submit articles for publication in the Counselling Connections Across Australia Journal. Submissions should be provided for consideration via email to the Journal Editorial Team at Please include your name, postal address and email address with your submission. Examples of previous journal articles can be found on our articles page.

Readers are invited to submit material within the following categories and should note that all submissions will be subject to editing processes and approval

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