For Church Leaders

Mental Health Toolbox for Ministry

As counsellors we help people every day to work through personal challenges and resolve difficult issues. It’s what we are passionate about and trained to do.
But we recognise that church leaders, staff and pastoral volunteers are often a primary contact for their congregation and local community when life gets hard. So now, more than ever, churches need support to healthily manage the increasing pastoral load and needs of individuals.

These online webinars will give people in ministry the tools and strategies for implementing good mental health care in their churches. The presenter, Rev Bill Van Schie, has been in pastoral ministry for over 36 years and is also a registered Clinical Counsellor and Supervisor in private practice.

Webinar 1

Mental Health First Aid for Churches and Volunteers –  Bill Van Schie

Life is getting harder for many people. This webinar is especially for church workers and volunteers with pastoral care responsibilities. It will help you identify someone who is mentally unwell and give you tools and strategies for ministering to them. It’s important to be able to separate pastoral care from counselling and you will be equipped to know when and how to refer someone on to a professional therapist.

Webinar 2

Who Cares for the Carers in Ministry? –  Bill Van Schie

The uncertainty and hardship brought on by the COVID pandemic has increased the pastoral burden borne by churches as more and more individuals find it hard to cope. Consequently there is increased stress and burnout amongst carers in the church. Bill will show you how to regain your personal strength and vitality and how to maintain resilience through healthy self-care.