Vision, Values and Mission

CCAA Vision

To champion professional excellence for Christian counsellors whilst serving God, the Church and the wider community.

It is our desire to see Christian counsellors recognised and respected as competent and effective professionals, as they exercise a distinctive Christian presence and voice in the counselling field.

It is our desire to support Christian counsellors as they provide professional help to those who seek a counsellor who respect and support their beliefs and values.

Excellence in Counselling

We are committed to recognised and accredited qualifications, which include practice hours that prepare for clinical excellence and professional competence.

We are committed to maintaining excellence in counselling by requiring annual accreditation which ensures the counsellor is accountable for supervision, ethical guidance and qualified professional development.

Through ongoing professional development, we promote growth in personal self-awareness, education in the latest industry insights, and special counselling competencies, so we can reflect and grow in our counselling skills.

Faith in Practice

We are committed to glorify God, honour Jesus Christ, and to remain flexible and responsive to the Holy Spirit in all that He has called us to be and do.

We are committed to explore and teach the integration of Biblical theology and principles with counselling theory and practice.

We believe that all human beings are made in the image of God and are spiritual beings with a spiritual world and life view.  Therefore, we are committed to respecting the spirituality of all in its diverse forms being inclusive, community focussed, and valuing all others as equals.

CCAA Values

Our values are the heartbeat of our organisation and form the cornerstone of our vision and mission:

  • Maintaining our Christian spirit faithfully, in all elements of our lives.

  • Upholding our field’s professionalism by maintaining both personal and professional integrity and accountability.

  • Valuing and building our relationships with our clients and colleagues.

  • Seamlessly integrating biblical theology and principles with counselling theory and practice.

  • Fostering a sense of inclusiveness, community, networking, partnership and empowerment.

  • Being a distinctive Christian presence and voice.

  • Advocating professional competence, excellence and leadership in Christian counselling.

CCAA Mission

CCAA registers and supports professionally trained Christian counsellors and provides a framework for reinforcing professional accountability. We encourage and promote the professional development of our members through networking, ongoing training and supervision, seminars and conferences. Our mission is achieved specifically by:

  • Registering Christian counsellors as Clinical, Clinical/Supervisor, Graduate, Provisional and Diploma Members.

  • Welcoming others who are involved in the counselling profession, but who do not meet the requirements for Registered Membership, to join us as Associates or Student Affiliates.

  • Regulating high standards of ongoing professional development, supervision and accountability to the CCAA Code of Ethics.

  • Promoting professional development and networking through national and state conferences, seminars, workshops and local meetings, with a focus on integrating faith and practice.

  • Providing a platform for exploration and sharing knowledge as well as a network of support for members and affiliates of CCAA.

  • Building the professional credibility of our member counsellors via our Association Membership of PACFA.

  • Partnering with The Church, pastoral counsellors, people in ministry and educators in Christian counselling and encouraging our members to pursue academic research in areas unique to Christian counselling.

  • Connecting counsellors, clients and people at all levels of interest in the field of Christian counselling through state and national newsletters, the CCAA National Journal, CCAA eNews and the CCAA website.

Statement of Faith

CCAA asks that all their members agree to the following statement to join the Association:

“I declare my faith in Jesus Christ and I hold to the historic truths of the Christian faith as outlined in the Bible, the Word of God, and the Apostles’ Creed, and I am committed to participating with other believers in a Christian Faith community.”