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Before you start

If you’re interested in studying counselling, we encourage you to first clarify exactly what you hope to achieve as a result of your studies. For example, would you like to be able to help in your church, become a professional counsellor, work as a psychologist or be employed in a community organisation? The outcome you are working towards will help shape both the types of courses you should be considering and the level of qualification you need.

Before committing to a course, we recommend doing comprehensive research including reviewing websites and talking to training institutions and counselling service providers. Ask a variety of qualified individuals for their opinions and assess each course you are considering on its ability to meet your specific goals.

From the perspective of both CCAA and PACFA, the benchmark for professional recognition for counsellors is the PACFA Training Standards. Achieving this level of qualification makes you eligible for CCAA Provisional Membership as well as listing on the ARCAP Register.

Training Courses

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