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Joining Professional Associations, such as CCAA, is an important way for individual counsellors to contribute, not only to their own development in the industry, but also to the growth of the counselling profession as a whole within government organisations and the community. CCAA continually seeks to further the counselling profession, as well as the progression of individual counsellors, through our clearly defined benchmarks for professional conduct, ongoing training and supervision opportunities, a series of networking and conference events, platform of support and knowledge sharing and our close relationship with umbrella organisation, PACFA.

CCAA offers members the opportunity to be part of a vital and growing organisation which is committed to constantly evolving the professionalism of our industry whilst being underpinned by our Christian faith. Furthermore, many employers hold membership of Professional Associations such as CCAA in very high regard when considering the hire of prospective employees. CCAA membership is divided into numerous categories which are defined by the level of qualification and experience having been achieved by member counsellors. This tiered membership structure aims to recognise and celebrate excellence in the counselling profession whilst also continually encouraging professional development. It also provides an inclusive network that enables counsellors of varying levels of qualification to participate in our organisation. Review our membership categories now.

If you are an ACA member, CCAA is offering a special limited time offer until December 2024 to ACA members who wish to transfer across to CCAA. For further information please click here.

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