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The CCAA Student hub of our website contains information about membership and other resources.

FREE Student Membership

Connecting with a professional association is an important part of a student’s journey to becoming a counsellor.

We’re committed to helping counselling and psychotherapy students appropriately and ethically integrate Christian faith with their work, and membership with CCAA provides access to professional guidance on how best to achieve this, as well as practical advice and support from a national, collaborative network of professional Christian counsellors.

That’s why we’ve made CCAA membership FREE for students currently studying to achieve their counselling qualifications.

As well as being supported with study, practice and career progression, students receive discounts to professional development events and communications like CCAA eNews and the annual journal.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

When you graduate you might be looking for Professional Indemnity Insurance if you have a private practice. Here are some companies chosen by CCAA members that you could consider.

You will find their fees and liability coverage are not dissimilar to the options available through other professional organisations and some even offer additional hours of free legal advice per year. Check the company’s coverage document.

Simply click the company name to go to their website.

Click on “other” when asked about what professional association you belong to and type ‘CCAA’

Click on ‘Other Allied Health Practitioners’’ from the list

Click on ‘Health Professionals’ from the list and then select ‘Counselling’

You may need to contact their team directly depending on your location