FREE PACFA MEMBERSHIP and One Simple Renewal Process for CCAA-PACFA Memberships

As a Member Association of PACFA, CCAA members are able to join PACFA if their training meets PACFA standards, at no extra cost.

Here’s what’s important to know

PACFA membership is available to Provisional and Clinical members of CCAA whose basic training satisfies PACFA basic training standards. Find out which courses are PACFA accredited here

Advanced Diploma and Diploma members of CCAA will need to upgrade their qualifications to meet PACFA standards.

New Applications to join CCAA
Everyone who applies for Provisional or Clinical membership of CCAA will be able to apply for PACFA membership as part of your CCAA membership. at no annual cost. Go to Join PACFA MAM and become a PACFA member.

You will simply pay an additional once-off application fee for your PACFA membership.

Renewal of your CCAA membership from 2023

Each year at Renewal time, we have in place an automated PACFA membership renewal process for CCAA-PACFA members. When you renew your CCAA membership you will simply opt-in to renew your PACFA membership, and the National Office will process your renewal with PACFA.

Professional Development & Supervision
CCAA-PACFA members only need to satisfy CCAA’s standards for continuing Professional Education and supervision.