Our Story

CCAA is a nationwide federation of state-based organisations who work together to promote and maintain professional, high-quality standards of counselling services across Australia. The Christian Counsellors Association originally began in Victoria in 1982 and was followed by the establishment of associations in other states over subsequent years (Queensland in 1991, South Australia in 1997, New South Wales and Western Australia in 1998 and Tasmania in 2001). In 1996, prior to the formation of some of the state associations, a committee of CCAA state representatives began to meet with other organisations at the University of New England in NSW to discuss what would become the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA).  It was during this process that CCAA became a national organisation in 1998. The unification of the state organisations has enabled CCAA to develop and uphold the consistent standards for professional counselling that our members adhere to, nation-wide.

As a founding, Member Association of PACFA (the Psychotherapy and Counsellors Association of Australia), we conform to and advocate the rigorous standards set by PACFA for training, supervised experience and ethical conduct. PACFA was established in 2005 and is a peak body representing counsellors and psychotherapists Australia-wide. As mentioned, CCAA was actively involved in the establishment of PACFA as an umbrella organisation.

Our distinctive is that CCAA members are all committed Christians who endeavour to reflect their faith in Christ and Christian values in their approach to their professional practice. CCAA represents counsellors of many modalities, such as psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioural, as well as varying client groups such as individuals, couples and families. Our members work in a variety of organisations, including both religious and secular, as well as public and private practice. Membership enquiries are welcomed from any Christian person having completed a government accredited counselling course, regardless of whether the course was provided by a Christian counselling training provider.

CCAA promotes theological-based training or its equivalent which enables member counsellors to incorporate elements of spirituality and faith into the counselling process. We foster the continued professional development of our members through networking, meetings and conferences and by reinforcing the minimum requirements for ongoing supervision of their counselling services.