Research Studies

Research noticeboard

Research is a vital part of therapeutic practice and we have a duty to clients to evidence the benefits of counselling.

CCAA supports the development of the evidence-based research for the counselling and psychotherapy profession by offering researchers and thesis students an opportunity to share their research studies.

We encourage CCAA members to participate and also encourage their clients where appropriate to take part in the research studies.

External Research Participation Opportunity


I would like to invite you to take part in a confidential university study about how Christian-specific spiritual/religious control operates in intimate partner control.

This project is being conducted by student researcher Christine D’Souza as part of a PhD study at Victoria University.

Spiritual/religious controlling behaviours unique to intimate partner violence in Christian marriages have been identified as a particular form of manipulation, oppression, and abuse in the Christian socio-cultural context. However, scholarly research on resistance strategies Christian women use against spiritual/religious control tactics, and how these evolve over the duration of their relationships, is lacking.

The aim of this qualitative study is to understand what is involved in the process a Christian woman goes through in her experience of, and resistance to, Christian-specific spiritual/religious control in intimate partner violence, and how this process is influenced by the individuals, systems, and structures around her.

Participation in this study will include being interviewed once about your experience of hearing about spiritual/religious control from counselling clients, how they endured and resisted it over time, what influenced those experiences, and the challenges you faced in helping them. The interview will take 1 – 1.5 hours and may be conducted in-person or via Zoom.

Download the recruitment flyer.

To discuss the research, ask questions, or opt-in for participating, please contact me directly at



I would like to invite you to take part in Stage 3 of our research project on emotional signature.

The emotional signature scale is being developed principally for practitioners.

Assessing a client’s emotional signature can assist practitioners to fine-tune the therapeutic relationship and chart a clinical pathway.

In 2022 we developed and tested our psychological scale for emotional signature.

Now, we are looking to see if the items we have selected are right for our clients.

We are looking for 100 individuals who are in individual or couple counselling or therapy who would like to complete this revised questionnaire.

The research has ethics approval with Macquarie University.

To be involved you will be asked to select and invite clients who you feel would be interested and resilient to complete a set of three psychological questionnaires and some biographical information.

If your clients complete the research, they can request a personal emotional signature profile that would be sent to you.

For further information on the project and how to select your clients, please contact:

You can read the online information sheet here:

You can have your clients participate here: