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Research noticeboard

Research is a vital part of therapeutic practice and we have a duty to clients to evidence the benefits of counselling.

CCAA supports the development of the evidence-based research for the counselling and psychotherapy profession by offering researchers and thesis students an opportunity to share their research studies.

We encourage CCAA members to participate and also encourage their clients where appropriate to take part in the research studies.

External Research Participation Opportunity


I would like to invite you to take part in Stage 2, the final stage of our research project on emotional signature.

Earlier this year we developed and tested our psychological scale for emotional signature Psychological scale for emotional signatures – a revision Stage 1  (Thank you to all who participated).

We are looking for 100 practitioners and practitioners-in-training who would like to complete this revised questionnaire.

The research has ethics approval with Macquarie University.

To be involved you will be asked to complete a set of three psychological questionnaires and some biographical information that will take 20-30 minutes to complete.

Some of you may have completed the questionnaires in the first stage.
If you are continuing with the research, welcome back! If you are new to the research, welcome!

After completion, participants will be eligible to receive their own personal emotional signature profile.

You can read more and participate here:

For further information, please contact: