One of the key functions of CCAA as a Professional Association is to establish benchmarks for professional conduct and create a framework for ensuring these benchmarks are adhered to by all our Registered Members.

By joining CCAA, all Registered Members, including both counsellors and supervisors, are bound by our Code of Ethics and are subject to investigation by the CCAA Ethics Committee if, for any reason, they are found to be in breach of this code.

Code of Ethics

The purpose of the CCAA Code of Ethics is to establish minimum standards of ethical practice for our members. The adherence to the wide range of ethical issues incorporated within the Code of Ethics applies to all levels of CCAA Membership however obligations may vary according to membership levels.

The CCAA Code of Ethics can be viewed here.

Make a Complaint

The CCAA complaint report is designed to collect sufficient information for the Ethics Committee to assess whether the complaint requires investigation under the CCAA Code of Ethics.

Complaints may be lodged by persons having received the counselling services in question or by another person acting on their behalf, such as a relative or another health care professional.

Complaints may be lodged against individual counsellors or supervisors.

Click here to access the complaint report which must be printed, completed and emailed ( or mailed to the National Office (PO Box 39 Melrose Park SA 5042).