ACA transfer offer

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CCAA is offering a special limited time offer until December 2024 to ACA members who wish to transfer across to CCAA.

You can become a CCAA member for free – no application fee and no membership fee until you renew your membership in July 2025.

The Table below indicates what level of membership you qualify for.

PACFA Membership

If you have completed a Bachelor Degree or Masters Degree in counselling that meets PACFA training standards, you have the option of also joining PACFA as a Member Association Member. This additional membership is a free benefit for CCAA members whose training meets PACFA standards.  You, however, will need to apply to PACFA to become a Member Association Member independently.

You can apply to join PACFA as a Member Association Member (MAM) through this link: Join PACFA (MAM) You will need to upload a single PDF file of your transcripts of your counselling training courses, and your current CCAA membership certification. PACFA may require your counselling contract and supervision logs. PACFA offers a discount on the membership application fee for member association members applying for MAM.

Member Association Members have the same benefits as Individual PACFA members, plus your membership is free. (The PACFA Individual Membership fee currently is $426). Refer to PACFA Membership Benefits

Applying to CCAA is easy.

Please note: when you are asked to pay a fee, please select “by bank transfer” and the Office can waive your fee.

If you are registered with Bupa as a provider through ACA you will not be able to transfer your provider number if you join CCAA.  PACFA, however, has a similar agreement with Bupa, but it is for Registered Clinical Counsellors. If you qualify for CCAA Clinical membership and PACFA MAM membership, you may be able to continue as a Bupa provider.  If you do not, don’t let that stop you without first asking, “How many clients am I getting through Bupa?”

You can apply to CCAA online through this link.

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