Training Courses

Training Courses

The following is a list of training institutions recognised by CCAA as offering courses which successfully integrate faith with counselling practice. Most of these institutions offer a variety of different qualifications, some of which meet the CCAA requirements for Provisional Membership and some of which do not. For a full list of courses (both Christian and secular) accredited by PACFA, click here.

To become a counsellor, you can study courses at a diploma level, bachelor degree, graduate diploma or master’s degree in counselling. Some courses are delivered by vocational education providers while others by higher education providers.

A counsellor’s level of qualifications and experience determines which level counsellors can work at within the sector.

Courses that meet Provisional (Division 2), Graduate or Clinical Level entry

Courses that meet Provisional Division 1 Level Entry

Provisional Membership Division 1, requires the completion of an AQF Level 6 Advanced Diploma, Associate Degree or a Graduate Diploma that does not include a Practicum Placement (40 hours of client contact and 10 hours of clinical supervision).

Courses that meet Diploma Level Entry