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Membership Types

CCAA Membership category training and professional practice requirements for Provisional and Clinical Members are modelled on the basic training requirements set out by PACFA. The specific requirements for each CCAA Membership category are detailed on each individual membership application form and are also summarised below. All members are bound by the CCAA Code of Ethics and Registered Members must satisfy ongoing professional development requirements including clinical supervision for a specified number of hours annually by a CCAA or PACFA Accredited Supervisor or equivalent.

All members, regardless of which category they are registered under, receive a copy of the CCAA journal which is published annually. Registered Members whose basic training meets PACFA’s training standards can apply to join PACFA, when accepted by CCAA at those levels. Once a PACFA Registrant they will be automatically listed on the ARCAP Register.

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Registered Members

Diploma Member

CCAA Diploma Members have completed a 1-year Diploma in Counselling from a recognised Training Provider and are currently enrolled in further training in an accredited counselling training course. They are not recognised as being able to operate as private counsellors but may hold a professional position providing counselling, pastoral counselling or client support as an employee of a church, parachurch or social welfare agency and can advertise their CCAA Membership when applying for this type of employment. Diploma Members are not eligible to join PACFA or achieve ARCAP listing.

Affiliate/Associate Members

CCAA is an inclusive organisation which values the diversity of the counselling profession and, as such, we understand that some people would like to align with us even if they currently lack the necessary training and experience to meet our Registered Membership requirements. We therefore offer the following levels of affiliation with CCAA which are designed for students, pastoral workers or allied health Christian organisations. CCAA Members of these categories are not permitted to promote their affiliation with CCAA on business cards or advertising material but may cite their membership status when applying for employment.

Student Affiliate

CCAA Student Affiliates are currently studying to achieve their counselling qualifications and have not yet completed their studies or practical counselling and supervision components. Apply now

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