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Student Research Awards

The mission of the Christian Counsellors Association of Australia (CCAA) is to promote the responsible integration of faith and practice and to encourage and promote excellence in counselling and psychotherapy.

CCAA is pleased to announce two awards for excellence in student research that each carry a cash prize of $250 and publication of the winning paper/s in Counselling Connections Across Australia.

The awards are for ‘Excellence in Research’ and ‘For Outstanding Contribution to Christian Counselling Excellence’.

Counselling Connections Across Australia is the national journal of CCAA and is published annually. The purposes of the journal are

  • To publicise and promote Christian Counsellors Association of Australia (CCAA) to the professional counselling community
  • To develop the practice and understanding of Counselling and Psychotherapy through research and reflection on theory and clinical experience.
  • To provide an avenue for appropriate written expression to the Christian counselling fraternity.
  • To express the values, vision and mission of CCAA.


This national competition is open to students at an Australian Christian college that teaches counselling. It may be possible for one research paper to meet the criteria for both awards.

The original research paper must have been prepared in 2021 (or before if worthy of consideration).

The theme for the 2022 journal is “Faith versus Futility”. It is not necessary for student research papers to fit this theme but the paper must have a biblical or
counselling perspective

Standards of publication
The submission must be 5,000-10,000 words maximum and reflect a scholarly approach to the subject matter. It may be written in an academic manner, as well as narratives describing personal clinical experience, that captures the essence of counselling.

A good paper will contain

  • Research results and appropriate literature
  • Substantiation of key points in a logical presentation
  • Inclusion of interesting and relevant case studies (wherever possible) making sure that appropriate privacy and ethics approval are observed
  • Properly referenced with a bibliography using APA style

If required, a recent edition of the journal can be requested as a guide for submissions. Contact journal@ccaa.net.au

Submitting your paper
Submissions should be sent to the Journal Editorial Committee via email journal@ccaa.net.au

Please include your name/s, postal and email address and a short paragraph on your professional interests, qualifications, professional memberships and counselling experience and a passport-sized digital coloured photo of high resolution with the submission.

The Deadline for submission is 7th August 2022
A team of academics will review the entries and determine the winner/s.

The winner/s will be announced prior to publication. Please note that the winning papers are subject to editing processes and the author’s approval before printing.

For further information
Please contact Ian Parkin, CCAA Journal Convenor at journal@ccaa.net.au


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