CCAA Values, Vision and Mission

CCAA Values

These CCAA Values are the heartbeat of our Vision and Mission:

  • Serving Jesus Christ in the world
  • Personal and professional integrity and accountability
  • Integrating biblical theology and principles with counselling theory and practice
  • Inclusiveness, community, networking, partnership, empowerment
  • Being a distinctive Christian presence and voice
  • Professional competence, excellence and leadership in Christian counselling

CCAA Vision

Our vision is professional excellence for Christian counsellors, serving God, the church and the wider community.

CCAA Mission

CCAA registers professionally trained Christian counsellors and provides professional accountability. It promotes professional development through networking, seminars and conferences.

Specifically, CCAA achieves this by:

  • Registering Christian counsellors as Intern, Graduate or Clinical Members of CCAA
  • Regulating high standards of ongoing professional development, supervision, and accountability to the CCAA Code of Ethics
  • Promoting professional development and networking through National and State Conferences, seminars, workshops and local meetings, with a focus on integrating faith and practice
  • Providing advice and a network of support for Members and Associates of CCAA
  • Raising the professional credibility of counsellors through Membership of PACFA,(the Psychotherapy and Counsellors Association of Australia), our registering umbrella organisation
  • Partnering with the church, pastoral counsellors, people in ministry and educators in Christian counselling, and encouraging members to pursue academic research in areas unique to Christian counselling
  • Connecting people of all levels of interest in Christian counselling, through state and national newsletters, "Counselling Connection Across Australia" (CCAA National Journal), CCAA eNews and the CCAA website.
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