Introduction to Working with Parts 2024

Introduction to Working with Parts 2024

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Julie Marshall B.Ed, M.Couns, Clinical Supervisor, CCAA, PACFA
9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Back by popular demand!

We had so much positive feedback last year that we asked Julie Marshall to facilitate the workshop again in 2024. This workshop (Part 1) is a two part event with (Part 2) coming up in the second half of the year as an In-Person session. (Part 1) will be similar but not exactly the same as the workshop held in 2023.

This is an ONLINE event – 6 hours of professional development (category A)

*This event will not be recorded.


Every one of us contains an inner tribe of people – parts – who are internal entities, or subpersonalities, or aspects of personality who function independently and have a range of feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and sensations and take on various roles within the internal system (Schwartz, 2020). We are all multiples (Siegel, 2011).


When a person has been hurt, humiliated, frightened, or shamed in the past, he or she will have parts that carry the emotions, memories, and sensations (wounds) from those experiences. These can reorganise the system in unhealthy ways as other parts become forced into extreme roles such as caretaking, perfectionist, critics, distracting, dissociating and many more… However, all parts are precious and are actually working hard in service of the system.


This workshop will explore:

• A history of the understanding of “parts”
• Current models which effectively work with parts
• Developing an understanding of how parts play in our system
• The various roles that different parts, or groups of parts play in our system
• How to work with parts
• Experiential work (not compulsory, but would be valuable)


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Introduction to Working with Parts 2024


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