Event Recording: Working with the Inner Child – Bears and More

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Emotions give meaning to everything in life. Humans react to situations until they learn through mirroring on how to work with them. How well this is done during each person’s childhood years will set them up for their adult relations, especially when under stress.
  • In these situations, do they go for ‘silence’ or ‘violence’?
  • Is their conflict based around stressful drama or health conflict?
  • Have they an internal nurturing parent that helps them to process their emotions, or one that is critical or worse still, ambivalent?
In this presentation, Rob will share his journey with clients from understanding their current way of relating by exploring their family of origin, and how Transactional Analysis gives a deeper understanding of their internal dialogue hinders them from living well. This basis will help to set the stage on the use of Teddy Bears to externalise the Inner Child and give him/her a voice and build a nurturing relationship within themselves. The process allows for the person to become holistic, working with all parts of self, which have often been fragmented from each other.
The workshop will give resources, tools and examples of responses from clients for attendees as well as practical demonstrations on working with the bears. For those who attend in person, the workshop will enable them to have some time in practical experience in triads.

Event Recording: Working with the Inner Child – Bears and More


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