Barry Davis: CA, FCA, BTh; Paula Davis: B Ed (Adult Ed), Grad Dip Couns, M Couns, DEd. CCAA, PACFA (Reg.20069)

Dr Barry and Paula Davis

Barry and Paula Davis have been married for over four decades and have two adult children. Barry is a chartered accountant and holds a theology degree from the USA. He has been involved in pastoring and church planting. In recent years his ministry has centred on developing relational tools for men as they explore their inner worlds. Paula is a clinical counsellor, supervisor and educator and holds a Doctorate in counselling education. Together, Barry and Paula design relational tools for married couples and for many years they worked with traumatised couples in post-war developing countries. They have also conducted marriage education workshops in Australia, Africa, Sri Lanka, India and Switzerland. Recently, they facilitated workshops for missionary couples in East Africa.
Barry and Paula see themselves as an ordinary couple living through the highs and lows of married life. The label, ‘passionate about relationships’ is worn as a badge of honour. They are enthusiastic about sharing their journey because they believe that their story offers hope to other couples whose desire is to build their relationships. Also, they are acutely sensitive to unfairness and injustice in all societies and possess an unshakable desire to keep pushing the boundaries of learning to love well. This learning is then shared with other couples. Nevertheless, they enjoy lingering over a good coffee and can be found utterly absorbed in fun activities in the great outdoors. Challenge and risk attract them and they have had a go at skydiving, great white shark cage diving, walking with African lions and zip lining across a magnificent gorge.

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