B Ed (Adult Ed), Grad Dip Couns, M Couns, DEd.

Dr Paula Davis

Paula is a clinical counsellor, supervisor and educator specialising in psychological trauma. Paula has worked in trauma counselling, gambling counselling, counselling for Employee Assistance Programs, organisational consultancy, and counsellor training and supervision. Paula’s doctoral thesis was on the transferability of Western trauma constructs to collective societies. Working in higher education over many years as senior lecturer in counselling, she is seasoned in conceiving and building curricula from the ground up through proven competencies in curriculum development, student development and student empowerment. She is a regular guest lecturer in counselling in Uganda, India and Sri Lanka. Along with her husband she designs and delivers marriage education programs in Australia, Africa, Sri Lanka, India and Switzerland.

Paula is sensitive to unfairness and injustice at all levels in any society. She has an unshakeable desire to keep pushing the boundaries of integrating her faith with her teaching and what it means to love well. One of her abiding passions is making a difference in the lives of others. However, she also enjoys lingering over a good coffee with her husband and can be found utterly absorbed in having fun in the great outdoors. She enjoys anything that presents a challenge, and has had a go at skydiving, great white shark cage diving in South Africa, walking with African lions and zip lining across Victoria Falls gorge.

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