CCAA Member - Willem Boeree
Dip Christian Doctrine, BA (Biblical Studies), MA Counselling, MA Psychology & Counselling, Ph D CCAA Clinical Member & Supervisor. PACFA Clinical.

Dr Willem Boeree

  • Willem has been in Private Practice as a Counsellor and Psychotherapist for 33 years and has elected, over the last two years, to work on a part-time basis.
  •  Willem also became an accredited Supervisor for CCAA in October 1998. He has chosen to specialise in the twin areas of Mood and Anxiety Disorders.
  • Willem’s view is that in counselling, there are always two important questions: first, what is the presenting problem which, if addressed, will help the client move forward productively and second, how did this problem come into place. Willem’s preference is to address both questions. If you will think about a cobweb and a spider and permit the cobweb to represent the symptom (what is the problem) and allow the spider to represent the reason behind the problem (the causational factor) then, obviously, as long as we brush away cobwebs without removing the spider, the cobwebs will keep on reappearing. Accordingly, he prefers to work thoroughly and deal with the cause as well as the symptom rather than work quickly and work with the symptom only. In his professional opinion, this approach is particularly important when assisting the client who presents with depression.

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