BASS (Counselling); Master of Counselling Practice

Olivia Kearney

Olivia is a highly experienced child and adolescent counsellor with over 25 years of experience working with young people. Having worked in both the education sector and private practice, Olivia has gained invaluable insights into the unique challenges faced by young people. Her diverse experience has allowed her to develop a profound understanding of the complex dynamics that influence the lives of children and teenagers. In her clinical work, Olivia has a private practice that focuses primarily on children, teenagers, and families, where she provides a safe and nurturing environment for her clients. Through individual and family therapy sessions, she utilises evidence-based approaches to guide her clients towards growth, resilience, and improved mental well-being. Beyond her clinical work, Olivia actively contributes to the field of counselling through her role as a lecturer at Tabor college. Additionally, Olivia provides training in restorative practice, emphasising the importance of healing, empathy, and positive relationships in the lives of young individuals.

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