ClinDip.T., Grad.Dip.Soc.SC., M.Soc.Sc. (Counselling). CCAA (Clin.), CCAA (Reg Supervisor), PACFA Reg. 21092, ARCAP Reg., MIAAN(Cert)

Peter Janetzki

Conference Workshop 3:
Neuropsychotherapy – A paradigm shift in the Changing World of Counselling – How Neuroscience Advancements are Going Beyond Theory and a Confirming Christian Worldview.

Recent developments from the field of Neuroscience is changing the landscape of counselling and psychotherapy. The increase of our knowledge and understanding of Neurobiology has created a paradigm shift regarding what is best mental health practice by focusing on neural development and going beyond counselling theory.

In this workshop presentation;

  • Foundational neuroscientific concepts relevant to counselling (Neuropsychotherapy) will be explained. Three Neural Network Modes of the brain (Arden 2019), Poly Vagal Theory (Stephen Porges), ‘Window of Tolerance’ (Ogden, Minton, & Pain, 2006; Corrigan & Nutt, 2010),
  • The application of these foundational neuroscientific concepts will be explained, providing therapists some tools and strategies in assisting their clients to facilitate neural change and growth by increasing self-regulation and relational growth.
  • How these neuroscience discoveries confirm a Christian worldview.

Peter Janetzki is a Counsellor/Psychotherapists/Educator in private practice in Brisbane, with a special interest in neuropsychotherapy with couples. For twenty-five years he has been a sessional lecturer in the School of Social Sciences at Christian Heritage College Brisbane, teaching both undergraduate and postgraduate students, in developing their meta-skills and meta-processes, and the application of neuroscience within counselling. Peter also teaches in the Graduate Certificate of Applied Neuroscience program, that was developed by the late Pieter Rossouw.

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