M Art (Art Therapy)

Shaun Spicer

Shaun is currently employed as a Counsellor for a WA company specializing in neurological conditions for clients who need daily care and support. He is also an experienced and professional trained teacher with over 20 years of teaching experience and although he hasn’t been in classroom for five years he has a passion for the Arts and has taught in remote and metropolitan locations within Western Australia. He holds a Master of Arts qualification specializing in Art Therapy and is a registered member of WACOT and ANZATA. He started painting at the age of seventeen and continues to paint in his free time as well. He is married (21years) and has four children.
Shaun was first interested in Art Therapy when he was doing Artist in Residencies at various schools around the State. Travelling to various schools for up to two weeks at a time undertaking, murals, sculptures, paintings etc. Children would talk to him as they were making the art like they had known him for years. He then started to think that there is more to this art thing than meets the eye.

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