Anxiety in Children: How to Calm and Strengthen an Anxious Brain

Recording – Presenter: Donna Longden (2 hours – Category B)

During anxiety, certain parts of the brain become dominant and drive behaviour. This is evidence of a strong, healthy brain switching into survival mode, but when it happens too much or unnecessarily, it feels awful. Responses become rigid – the response to dangerous situations also becomes the response to situations that aren’t dangerous at all. Our internal alarm becomes faulty!
Healthy living means being able to meet different situations with different responses, depending on what’s needed. For this to happen, the different parts of the brain need to work well independently, but they also need to work well together. How do we engage a young person to look at these false alarms, to face these anxieties that impact their quality of life?
We will explore together, the brain’s response to anxiety, how to engage a young person in working with their anxieties and some of the most common approaches to working with anxiety.


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