Recording – Presenter: Rob Salmon (2 hours – Category B)

Motivation and Couple Counselling

Category B – 2 hours
Motivation is a crucial factor in counselling, I believe. What has motivated the person/couple to book an appointment? What will motivate them to change what they have been doing, often for many years? What will the impact if change does not happen? If there is no motivation to change – then why go through the painful process of change?
This presentation will explore the counselling process of working with couples beginning with their motivation and exploring ways of doing it differently. Learning to have healthy conflict instead of either stressful drama or nothing at all. Exploring what intimacy means and how it plays out in the dynamics of relationships. Understanding of the importance of touch as well as exploring what we require to be healthy adults in relationships. Many people have an image of how they believe a relationship is meant to be and find it hard to live with reality. What is God’s view on marriage and how does it play out in real life? This will be an exploration of Rob’s journey in couple’s work.

Note: Physical touch is discussed in this event – due care with regards to ethical behaviour that corresponds with the standards of PACFA and CCAA.


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