Recording – Presenter: Ged Pilon (2 hours – Category B)

Understanding effects of Pornography on Adolescents and how to work with them

How pornography interrupts the natural rhythm of brain development and flow of healthy relationships

The desire for connection is part of our nature since the creation of man. Over the years people have sought this out in the desire for intimate relationships, and sadly intimacy has been converted to sex, rather than developing IN-TO-ME-SEE – to be loved and accepted for who we are!

The internet has brought the world into our homes, which has been a blessing and a curse. We do not have to search for porn, it finds us. It has infiltrated our lives and our young people are bombarded by it. The thrill of these ‘easy connections’ and the reward that most guys experience of the orgasm at the end, keeps them coming back for more, even though it is not really only what they want.

Ged’s work in the school setting has helped him to grow in the understanding of these developing minds and how it stops them from growing and building healthy relationships. In this presentation Ged will discuss how pornography affects the adolescent’s development and relationships into adult life. We will look at ways that enhance therapeutic work and things that can exacerbate progress in restoring relationships.

Join Ged on this journey to try and start at an early age of how to develop new skills that bring life to our world.



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