Recording – Presenter: John Andersen (2 hours – Category B)

Walking with Clients - Through the Dark Night of the Soul


What to do when your client is going through deep pain and suffering and therapy can’t fix it?

This workshop takes you beyond helplessness. Drawing on the wisdom of St. John of the Cross, this workshop explains the essential contribution of suffering to spiritual maturation, indeed human maturity and strength. It provides an alternative to our cultural pathologising and suppression of emotional pain.

It explores ways of soul-journeying with clients through times of suffering, to post-traumatic growth that leads to maturity and wisdom.

You will learn:

  • The essential place of suffering in human life and experience;
  • “The Dark Night of the Soul” as a framework for understanding suffering
  • How suffering contributes to spiritual maturity;
  • The challenges suffering presents to people;
  • Practical ways of enabling people to go through suffering that leads to maturation and growth.

Researching this topic over this year has changed my approach to counselling and view of suffering.


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