Recording – Presenter: Joy Anasta (3.5 hours – Category B)

Who am I, and how did I get here?

  • Clients just love to tell us their stories and it is appropriate and important that they do so. But how we, as therapists, approach those stories and use them to benefit our clients is worthy of consideration; as the consequences can create growth or leave the client stuck.
  • In this Professional Development Session, we will consider the impact of societal, cultural and inter-generational events and learnings which influence the personal development, psychologically, emotionally and intellectually, of the client, because ALL of us are the result of our yesterdays. But perhaps we are also the result of our grandparent’s yesterdays as well.
  • Intergenerational systems of abuse, both familial and systemic, bring consequences into the life of the client as well as casting a shadow into future generations.
  • And what is our responsibility as therapists, especially in the face of therapeutic trends and the availability of pseudo-psychotherapeutic information on social media.


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