Recording – Presenter: Robyn Van Der Zee ( 4 hours – Category B)

Exploring ways to work with Trauma from an Attachment Perspective

  • Explore the impact of trauma, through the lens of the client’s attachment connection to themselves and then others, including the therapist.
  • Explore ways of empowering clients through a self- compassionate adult “self” to effectively connect to and unburden the parts of themselves that carry trauma burdens.
  • What is the notion of “self” that some therapeutic models highlight? How to assist the client to know when they are in “self” if we utilize the distinction between “self” and a “part”. What is the value of both an attachment and structural perspective?
  • In exploring ways of working with the client’s strengths do I work with the client’s spirituality if they request it? If so, how can therapy help prevent spiritual bypassing, and in so doing influence neurological, emotional, and somatic change.
  • Possible transferences and countertransference whilst working with clients with trauma. Self-care for the therapist and the client in between sessions including the role of self-compassion and mindfulness.
NOTE: This recording does contain strong language, which may offend some viewers. 


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