What we have learned about men, women and sex in marriage

Recording: Presenters: Dr. Clifford & Joyce Penner (3 hours – Category B)

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Dr Clifford and Joyce Penner will give us great tools to help in working with couples.
The Penners have written extensively as well as talks and seminars especially in the areas of sex.
Some of the titles of their books are:
  • Sex Facts for the Family,
  • Getting your Sex Life off to a Great Start
  • The gift of Sex: A guide to sexual fulfullment
  • A gift for all ages: A family handbook on Sexuality.
  • Counseling for Sexual Disorders.
  • Restoring the Pleasure
  • What every wife wants her husband to know about sex
  • The way to love your wife: Creating Love and Passion in the Bedroom
  • Men and Sex
  • The married guy’s guide to Great Sex
  • 52 Ways to have fun, fantastic sex
What We’ve Learned About Men, Women and Sex in Marriage – learn insights to apply to your practice as counsellors and therapists from Dr Cliff and Joyce Penner’s extensive experience in over 45 years as sexual therapists
We trust you will be able to join with the Penners on this exciting area of life.


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