The Wildhive team of senior marketing, sales and business development professionals will provide a series of Professional Development seminars for CCAA members that are designed to deliver core principles, processes and strategies that may assist members in strengthening and growing their counselling practice and client services.

The WildHive team are uniquely placed as they bring a blend of commercial marketing and business knowledge and ability and understanding to help members apply it in a Christian context.

Sessions 1 – 6

Purchasing this product allows on demand video streaming for all 6 sessions of the event “Grow your Practice Series”.

Purchase all sessions – normally $180 for only $120.

These 6 recordings can also be purchased as separate events.

Session 1

Defining your product and unique offering –
Kathy Elliot
  • Overview of the fundamental elements of marketing strategy
  • Understand your unique voice and positioning as a counsellor
  • Defining your vision, value, ideal practice and clients
  • Create a high-level positioning statement
  • Review your product list and rates
  • Review your repeat booking process and packages

Session 2

Marketing and brand strategy – establishing practice goals and revenue –
Kristi McKenzie
  • Be equipped to create a 12 month marketing strategy
  • Understand the elements of a good brand and brand strategy
  • Be able to define goals for your practice including revenue goal.
  • Develop a monthly dashboard that enables you to monitor progress against plan
  • Start marketing yourself through free/ cost effective channels including social media, client news, networking events and PR

Session 3

Retention and advancement – from clients to ambassadors  –
Alison Cooke
  • Understand and map the client journey
  • Define the persona of your preferred client(s)
  • Start defining what success looks like for a client and feed that into your messaging and value proposition
  • Know the difference between a client and ambassador, and manage those cohorts differently
  • Learn strategies and activities that help to build ambassador networks

Session 4

Community engagement through awesome Comms (newsletters, FB page, community events) –
Alison Cooke
  • Dive deeper into ideas and and means to connect (inexpensively) with your community – schools, churches, community orgs.
  • Communication tools to get your message out and build credibility
  • Social media – friend or foe?
  • Events that work: in person and on-line

Session 5

How to be your own publicist & harnessing local media for good –
Georgia Hawkins
  • How to be your own publicist
  • Media opportunities, what you need to know

Session 6

Becoming a “counsellor of choice” and Systems to grow and expand your practice –
Alison Cooke
  • How to get others to promote your practice when you’re not there
  • Best practice for following up client enquiries and leads
  • Growing and scaling your business