These Keynote Speakers share their research and perspectives on the changing world in which we find ourselves.  Their aim was to help give us tools to be able to navigate our way whilst remaining true to our faith.

Session 1

“Oops, your worldview is showing”  Karen Robinson

Navigating through a changing world is best done when we understand the drivers for change. This session will provide an introduction to worldview, a brief overview of big ideas and their consequences, and begin to unpack what it means to live an examined life.

Session 2

“Remaining true to what?” – Karen Robinson

God is unchanging yet continuously effects change. What does that mean for us? This session will challenge us to examine concepts that may suffer from “The Perils of Imagined Permanence”* so we can see what we really need to stay to true to.  (*Article title by Dominic Hofstetter)

Session 3

Sexual Counselling and Discipleship in the Christian Context  – Allan & Helen Meyer

Examining sexual differences and issues, particularly as they emerge in the marriage relationship.  What do we know, what do people need to know, and how can we help them, particularly when low sexual desire is an issue for one or both partners

Session 4

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Spirituality and Worldview Issues in Counselling: Implications for Christian Counsellors  – Neil Roberts

Ethical practice demands that counsellors bracket their own values, and while Christian counsellors can know this explicitly, the practical experience of being confronted with clients who hold very different values and beliefs can create dilemmas for some developing and experienced counsellors. This presentation will introduce some observations on potential difficulties created in trying to integrate a Christian worldview, with the many historical and philosophical influences that have travelled alongside it. Discussion around some of the common dilemmas faced by Christian counsellors regarding spirituality and worldview issues will be invited throughout the presentations with direct questions being presented to the participants (so come ready to participate!).

Session 5

Keeping the Faith – Dr Irene Alexander

If the soul is like a shy wild creature that only comes out when it is very safe, how do I as a counsellor or spiritual companion make that safe space? How do I first give my own soul that safe space where my true self flourishes? How do I protect it from the “cultural pollutants so dangerously toxic to persons who want to follow Jesus, “as Eugene Peterson names it? Or from a totally different standpoint, how do I anchor myself, when “Poor bugger white fella got no dreaming,” when my society has so little overarching story, and grounding in the creation? How do we balance the super-rational academic institutions where a psychology student explained to me “I believe in God in my heart but not in my head any more.” with the other spirituality can mean almost anything. Ironically psychology is now beginning to discover mindfulness practices which have long been present in church tradition.  So how are we as Christian counsellors today balance spiritual practices, faith, professionalism whilst seeking first God’s kingdom? And interfaith inclusion? How do we keep the faith navigating these stormy waters?

Session 6

Counsel and support for female survivors of sexual abuse  – Helen Meyer

This presentation explores working with adult survivors: The issues explored include assessment, working alliance, boundaries, pacing, establishing trust and treatment objectives. It considers short term and long-term counselling, the advantages and disadvantages of group versus individual therapy, and the use of self-help groups.

Session 7

Helping Men in a #MeToo Generation  – Allan Meyer

Sex is more problematic for men than it is for women.  The biggest problem women have with sex may well be men.  The biggest problem men have with sex is themselves.  In a highly sexualised world men need help.  Mis-managed sex drives damage relationships in general, marriages in particular, destroy reputations, ruin careers and land people in jail.  What are the issues and what kind of help can make a difference?

Extra Session

The  Future of the Counselling Profession

This panel is made up of leading professionals in the Counselling field from the different Counselling Associations as well as Training Organisations.  They share their views of how the counselling profession is able to move forward in Australia.

Note: The sound is not as good as we hoped in this session.