A Practical & Therapeutic Plan for Growing Self Esteem (Biblical)

Recording: Presenter: Bill Van Schie (2 hours category B)

In this workshop we will follow the practical steps by which we will facilitate the enhancement of a client’s core identity by growing their self-esteem also from a faith perspective.

  1. We will examine what makes low self-esteem in childhood
  2. We will walk through the therapeutic steps unpacking the child within that gets emotionally and personally triggered.
  3. We will reveal the client’s adult strengths, including a theological perspective of self.
  4. We will start the conversation between the adult and the child so that the past is integrated into the present and confidence is enhanced and the critical voice within is silenced.
  5. This workshop is a practical supplement to the previous workshop on “Being Competent and Ethical in dealing with Spirituality in Counselling.”

For all those who attended the “Being Competent and Ethical in dealing with Spirituality in the Counselling Room” workshop recently, this workshop is of particular interest. Since that workshop, I have been approached by a few for some practical steps on how to deal with a client with significant needs leading right into introducing theological concepts. I have decided to share with you, in this short workshop, how I do it in the area of self-esteem and core identity. So you can see this workshop as a supplement to the other one. Shalom, Bill


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